The tourists are coming. The tourists are coming.

We in Cody Country brace for the influx year in and year out, and with the opening of the East Entrance on May 3 traffic is already picking up.

Patience will be key in the coming weeks as streets become more congested and many people seem to forget basic driving rules. 

It never ceases to amaze us when people make a left-hand turn across four lanes of traffic or flip a U-turn right in the middle of Sheridan Avenue.

However, while it’s still early in the season we encourage you to check out the national treasure in our backyard. Living just 50 miles from Yellowstone, many of us take for granted something others travel hundreds of miles to experience.

If you do make the trip be prepared for construction work at Indian Pond on the way to Fishing Bridge. Expect speed limits as low as 10 mph and possible delays of up to 30 minutes

Also there’s still snow on the ground, and the possibility of more snow is always present. The east gate delayed opening by more than an hour on opening day because of a five-inch snowfall the night before. So check weather conditions before making the trip.

The National Park Service recommends hiking at low elevations in May in order to observe all the new birth that spring brings including bear cubs, bison and elk calves, bighorn lambs and pronghorn fawns exploring their new world for the first time.

We live in an amazing place and we encourage you to take some time to enjoy the wonders of Yellowstone yourself before the peak tourist season begins.

So grab your camera to capture and go explore all our oldest national park has to offer.


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