Last Thursday’s announcement by Kanye West that he will be relocating the headquarters for his billion-dollar shoe and clothing company, Yeezy, from Calabasas, Calif., to Cody is welcome news.

West said during the Fast Company Innovation Festival the headquarters of Yeezy will be located at his West Lake ranch property south of Cody.

Yeezy is expected to top $1.5 billion in sales in 2019 according to Forbes Magazine. To have the headquarters of a billion-dollar company in Cody is great news.

West has also expressed his intention to move manufacturing to the United States in the future. He has not said whether any Yeezy manufacturing will be located here.

With the loss of jobs from the closure of Cody Labs earlier this year, it is exciting to hear of the employment possibilities of companies such as Gunwerks (presently constructing a manufacturing facility) and Yeezy.

If a community is not expanding its economic base, that community is declining.

Too many smaller towns in Wyoming have been experiencing that situation. Many Wyoming towns have seen main streets dry up and people leave town to find a job. We are thankful Cody is not one of them.

Park County has long been dependent on tourism, oil and agriculture to provide jobs. It is encouraging to see diversification and a broader base of employment opportunities.

We welcome Kanye West and Yeezy to Cody and anticipate a great community relationship for many years.


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Most of us in Cody don't really care about the goings on of this Kanye character but the paper sure has made an industry out of documenting his every move here in Cody. With your shrinking readership and exodus of advertisers, we think that the Enterprise has much bigger fish to fry then this "Truman Show" of Mr. West and his supposed economic boost that you've pinned your fading hopes on.

Karma C

I am so glad you said that. My husband and I are relocating to Wyoming soon, once he retires. We are strongly considering Cody. We love the charm, the beauty and the people we have met there. We like the quieter lifestyle.

But as we have done research and visited various towns, we have seen the ones you mention - the ones that are so determined that nothing will change that they die. It broke my heart to visit some of these towns, talk to people, and hear their stories of what it used to be there, and now business are shutting their doors, because it is hard to make a living when your only income is in the summer.

My background is in hospitality and tourism. When I have consulted with various hotels and destinations, it is a common problem. How do you hold onto your warmth and identify - everything that makes you special - while you grow, expand, and face the reality of a need for increased revenue.

Cody has an opportunity for leadership to find that balance. Welcome growth and increased opportunity and tax base, while still maintaining what makes Cody such a wonderful place to live.

The only thing that is keeping us from committing right now is housing. The options are limited, particularly since I work from home (tourism consulting and events) and need quality internet access. My husband will only be in his 50s when he retires, so he may want to work, as well, but right now opportunities are limited. We are praying for God to show us if this is right, and editorials like this give me personally hope that we can find the right home and opportunities in Cody.

Disgusted taxpayer

Cody used to be a "wonderful place to live"...but the locals chose to make it a tourist town where working class folks are stuck in the cycle of have nots during winter. Buyer beware.

Karma C

That's what concerns me about moving there. You need strong leadership to find that balance. Not everyone is in the position to go without income half the year. I have read all these complaints about how early businesses close during the winter, but how can they afford to stay open? I hope that people will learn to embrace the growth, and see it can be good. You really can bring in more revenue while still maintaining your identity.

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