Although the Cody School Board has not yet officially approved adding girls’ softball as a varsity sport, it appears that sport will become one of the varsity options by 2021.

With Laramie High School approving the sport, that brings the number of schools electing to add softball to eight, the minimum number required.

The big question remains, “How is it going to get paid for?”

When the Cody trustees were approached last October about the idea, they voted unanimously in support of the idea, but money was the major concern before the vote. It still should be a major concern.

Superintendent Ray Schulte predicted at the October meeting that adding softball would probably cost between $40,000-50,000.

Cody Pride program president Keith Ungrund said,” School districts will need to account for adding softball in their high school budgets for next year.”

Where’s that money going to come from?

What other sport or extra-curricular program is going to get cut? What teacher or class offering will need to be hacked?

Don’t get us wrong. We see the value of athletics and all extra-curricular activities at the high school.

It takes more than academics to make a well-rounded student ... a student that will succeed in the world.

Softball is a great sport, providing opportunities for a good number of athletes. It’s also a fun spectator sport.

We hope they can make it happen.

Still the question Cody School District trustees need to be asking is “How are we going to pay for it?”

John Malmberg

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Should be add a girls sport you cut a girls sport, but I bet it won't.

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