To the editor:

I’ve been keeping up on the Olive Glenn dispute with the Stampede Bar and Grill. 

I find it a little suspect that with all the legal matters going on between the two parties, that the restaurant all of a  sudden gets shut down due to state health code restaurant violations. 

Now I’m no detective, and I only know about what’s been published in the newspaper, but in my opinion I sense foul play in this whole scenario. 

Because if in fact, they were shut down for honest reasons, then I think the state should investigate a little further into some restaurants in Cody, because some of these business owners shouldn’t even be aloud to be in possession of a food and beverage license with the way they maintain their facilities. 

Honesty is a hard thing to come by these days, especially if the almighty dollar is involved to further benefit ones self, even if it’s immoral.

(s) tyler vandusen


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