Gov. Mark Gordon may be the elected leader of a land-locked state that won’t be swamped by rising oceans when the great-come-and-get-it-day drowns Miami or Los Angeles.

But he does believe what he reads about the inevitability of global climate change altering the world, if the earth’s 7.8 billion people don’t start immediately taking the threat seriously.

Gordon has read enough science to call the situation “a climate crisis” in need of “serious solutions” and believes Wyoming needs to be a leader in proposing them.

Gordon recently addressed an audience at a Wyoming Press Association luncheon in Casper with a perspective that is, if not unique for a Republican, differs from most members of his party, yet which is also likely viewed suspiciously by global climate change warriors. That probably makes him a statesman.

Wyoming is an energy state, viewed as part of the evil empire by fossil fuel opponents.

Gordon is the voice of reason. He understands appeals to park our cars are not going to resonate. We are a driving-addicted society. Wyoming’s motto might as well be “Home of the Pick-Up Truck.” It is not the home of the hybrid, though I am sure there are a half-dozen of them out there.

Gordon has steadfastly suggested, during his campaign for governor, and during his first year on the job, that fossil fuels can be part of the answer, not merely contributors to higher levels of carbon emissions.

Creative carbon capture is a way to neutralize CO2 drifting unfiltered into the air and diluting air quality or adding to ocean acidity.

Under the process, CO2 can be separated from the end product, such as coal, at a manufacturing or production site, transported to a storage location and ultimately disposed of in a harmless way.

Gordon is pro carbon capture. It may well be a savior of Wyoming energy producers.

The Paris Agreement, negotiated in late 2015 by 196 countries, including the United States, recognized the global climate threat and expressed a determination to cope with greenhouse-gas emissions.

It was signed in April of 2016 with the aim of keeping the increase in global average temperatures to below 2 degrees centigrade. Indications are we’re losing ground, not gaining it, though.

President Trump has announced the United States’ intent to withdraw from the accords, though the effective date does not become official until November, 2020. Of course, that is a policy of folly, a head-in-the-sand approach.

What surprised me the most about Gordon’s talk is his belief Wyoming can  go it alone to help solve the world’s problem while the federal government essentially pretends there is no climate problem.

Gordon refused to engage in comments about the Trump Administration stance. After all, who wants to be on the receiving end of 100 tweets a day?

Without being blunt about it, I thought it telling while President Trump issued immature verbal attacks on 17-year-old Swedish climate activist Gret Thunberg, telling her to go to the movies, Gordon quoted her.

If Wyoming can lead the way in solving a worldwide problem, Gordon may win the Nobel Prize.

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