To the editor:

Many readers will already have seen the movie “Unplanned” based very faithfully on the autobiography of the same name by Abby Johnson. 

This powerful movie has been playing to full houses for several weeks. It unravels the web of lies and deceit that represent Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in this nation, which is the beneficiary of half a billion taxpayer dollars each year.

The film documents the meteoric rise in the career path of Abby Johnson, who became the youngest clinic director in Planned Parenthood’s history. It goes on to show how Abby learned the horrifying truth about Planned Parenthood by participating in an abortion in which she was asked to hold an ultrasound probe, saw the baby being sucked out of the womb and heard the callous banter between the abortionist and his procedure room staff.

Abby went through a searing agony of soul, her conscience being pricked not only from within but also from her husband and parents and the ever-present cadre of protesters and sidewalk counselors whom she encountered each workday and especially on Saturdays when all the clinic did was abortions. 

When Abby could no longer ignore the evidence, she resigned from her lucrative position at PP, a decision fraught with financial adversity and emotional stress, especially when PP sued her with all the power behind their corporate status. In this David versus Goliath battle, David won. Abby has become an authentic voice for the pro-life movement through her courage and God’s grace.

The release of “Unplanned” was beset with roadblocks and obstacles from more, and (surprisingly) less, predictable sources. It was rated “R” for one reason only – violence. It realistically depicts both a surgical and a chemical abortion. 

Every abortion is an act of violence to both unborn children and their mothers. This is an important film about a critical and timely tragedy. People sensed this and flocked to theaters to witness it. 

Many thanks to the movie theaters that were open to the truth, ignored the obstructionists, and allowed moviegoers to learn about this compelling true story.

(s) sheila leach


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The sad truth is that the movie was shown here in Cody and there was little if any publication about, sad that our girls here did not take the advantage to educate themselves.

P Demoney

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