To the editor:

Recently, the New York State Legislature shocked the nation and, arguably, the world, by cheering triumphantly after passing a draconian law that cleared the way for abortions to occur in that state up to when a mother goes into labor. They apparently saw this as a victory for “reproductive rights freedom.”

Shortly after that strike against the innocent unborn, the same legislative body voted to outlaw the declawing of cats, on the putative reasoning that such a procedure is cruel. This indicates something curious about the thinking processes of New York legislators. 

The reason for declawing cats is not to cause them pain, and certainly not to torture or kill them, but rather to mitigate the damage caused by a pet on furniture and create a more harmonious and loving relationship. The pet gets to live a happy life. I imagine many misbehaving kitties end up in animal shelters or worse. 

Therefore, declawing can lead to a positive good. For example, the New York State Veterinary Medicine Society opposed the bill because of wrecking of furniture by felines (human have rights too) and for the sake of immune-compromised cat lovers.

How can killing an inconvenient child amount to a positive good? Our founding documents confirm that we have a right granted, not by government but rather by our Creator, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The United States Constitution was not written with any intention of giving anyone the right to kill the unborn. The justices who decided Roe vs. Wade had to torque the Constitution into a pretzel to come up with their penumbras and emanations.

Let us hope and pray that the Wyoming State Legislature in its upcoming session focuses its attention on more serious issues than the purported rights of domestic cats. 

Following the lead of a number of conservative states, may it swiftly enact a bold law that upholds the right to life of the unborn whose hearts have begun to beat.

(s) Sheila Leach


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P Demoney

Religious beliefs make poor public policy.


The term “fetal heartbeat" is extremely misleading, A six week fetus doesnt even have a heart What is actually occurring is minor electrical activity at the fetal cardiac pole, but that doesnt evoke an emotional response that antichoicers can use to try and control women

Second, heartbeats are irrelevant to human rights, We don't even use heartbeat as a measure of whether someone is dead; medical professionals dont call time of death until the BRAIN would be unable of sustaining life,

Third, a fetus below the age of viability (24 weeks) doesnt have the neurological capability for consciousness, sentience, or pain reception much less survival independent of a host body, A six week fetus is the size of a pea and doesnt have an actual brain, and the average person shown a picture of one couldnt tell it from other species if you paid them. During early growth a human embryo is virtually indistinguishable from fish , amphibian, and reptile embryo. It has a tail , gills, flippers, but no brain or even spine. The embryonic human brain comes very late to the development cycle. We are born with incomplete brains. Pretending that nonsentient fetal tissue with no real neurological hallmarks of personhood should have full human rights is frankly preposterous.

Fourth, early Catholic Popes decreed that the soul did not enter the human body till the time of " quickening " , when the fetus first moves in the womb, roughly at the 18th to 20th week at the same time as a chambered heart develops. Catholic dogma did not hold abortion before the Quickening to be a sin or taking of a life. It appears that the Holy Roman Church understood humanics better in the 5th century A.D. than they do now.

Bottom Line: I am quite tired of Right To Lifers trying to drag us all back to the Dark Ages with their demagoguery , dogma, and denial of science. Worse, nowhere in their zealous dissertations is there a slender crack wide enough to insert the notion that terminating an unwanted pregancy may in fact be an act of mercy , not murder.

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