To the editor:

Regarding Mary Keller’s recent letter to the editor entitled “Our job to guide children toward right actions” (Oct. 7, 2019).  

I agree somewhat with her point about young children needing not to be troubled about “the climate crisis unraveling our world.” Young children need to enjoy the innocence of childhood. 

I disagree, however, with her assertion that this opinion amounts to “the truth.”  Ms. Keller is concerned that the onus of worrying about the climate crisis now falls to middle school and high school students, because “we (meaning adults) are a very, very slow batch of learners.” 

She says that “science described our looming predicament 40 years ago.” At that time the fear was of global cooling, which never materialized. Pseudo-scientists scrambled to reverse course, setting up a new hysteria that the Earth was heating uncontrollably, largely aided by Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”  

Inconveniently, this too failed to materialize. The next chapter in this ongoing saga was known as “climate change” which covers every known and existing weather pattern, with new ominous overtones. Is it any wonder that American adults and those all around the world refuse to take this seriously?

A 2018 Gallup Poll revealed that 70 percent of Americans aged 18-34 were “somewhat or very worried” about climate change. The public school science curriculum of at least 40 states blames mankind as the major cause of global warming (now metamorphosed into “climate change”). 

The reason older people don’t buy into this hysteria is not that they don’t care, but rather that they have more commonsense. The mantra that the debate is over and that virtually all scientists agree that mankind is destroying the planet just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

What is needed is honest debate with both sides presented. This should be happening in the scientific community among climatologists, in Congress, and in universities and public schools. 

Let the facts be presented and let all people, young and old alike, examine the evidence and decide for themselves.

It is not their elders who are causing the anxiety among impressionable teenagers, but rather the one-sided indoctrination in public schools. 

(s) leslie maslak


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This is for those commenting that believe all that is said by the global warming crowd, again go to and read todays article titled Australian legislator uncovers that country Bureau of Meterology fiddling with temperature records to hype warming. As mentioned earlier those that believe this farce won't look because to them it is settled science and fyi there is no such thing. They do and profess what they accuse us non believers of doing, proof is how many look at the data answer probably none including those commenting.

Disgusted taxpayer

Some of the comments here prove that flat earthers still exist.

Wapiti 1

The Trump administration is silencing the scientists who actually study the climate. This is nothing but head-in-the-sand thinking. Willful ignorance is nothing but ignorance -- that will never change.


Referencing two of the three responses to Keller's letter here so far , one could use fundamental Junk Science to believe beyond doubt we never truly left the Dark Ages around here...

Notice I did not say ' prove '. Belief is a thing completely apart from science. Beliefs , like Faith , can only exist in a vaccuum.


I will try this post but if as usual I will be censored.

Go to to the Oct 9th article Gift to Alarmist Exposes Global Warming Junk Science in 12 Minutes, and watch the video and you will see for yourselves how the 95% honorable scientist manipulate the data. Again go look yourselves especially you believers.

Also folks make this website a go to site for info.


@cp123: I would really like to understand your argument, but your lack of clarity of thought, punctuation, rambling sentences, make it difficult. I do suspect, though, that you are referring to some sort of conspiracy theory website?


your not only wrong but you are scared to go read anything that just might awaken you.

P Demoney

The nice thing about science is that it is doesn't care what you believe. You disagree with 97% of climate scientists. Of course, what do they know compared to your commonsense?

Gunrunner Auctions

Let's see what history has shown us: Back in 1972 the "scientists" were quite assured that we were entering into an "Ice Age". Cronkite proclaimed it on the idiot box and quoted some of the biggest loudest "scientists". TIME Magazine put it on their cover. I remember my father blowing extra insulation into our attic. Hoax. Total hoax. Next. Then the next international hoax was led by (drum roll) a failed politician who needed to make some quick cash. Hollyweird bought the whole "warming" theory from a squawking Chicken Little and that hoax caught fire and was renamed over and over again and morphed into the present (whatever it is this week). Now the failed politician (who has a very LARGE electricity bill in his multi-room southern mansion and has a private jet - go figure...) has handed the baton to the two best spokesmen they could find for the movement: A failed bartender at a taco bar of all things and of all things a 15-year old emoting high school sophomore girl who jumps on jets. Hmmm.... I believe this one must be labeled a hoax as well. There is NO proof of any kind of this theory (again it's calculated to make certain people lots of money in the conversion to solar or wind or whatever) - after all we all live in Wyoming and we have seen no "warming" of any kind as our winters are as brutal as ever (I write this as I got back elk hunting and nearly froze my feet). I've seen four major hoaxes in my 63 years of observant life, so I write this one too.... I know junk science and shills when I see them. Their 15 minutes of fame is over. Exit. Next.


@Gunnrunner Auctions: couldn’t disagree with you more, but your comment was fun to read...and comprehensible. Would love to see you debate the subject with an articulate climate scientist. In all events, I think most of us agree that pollution is bad. (I remember the horrible air pollution in LA and other cities years ago, and how improved emissions standards created incredible results). Yes, maybe there are some who think that good air & water quality are unimportant, & are OK with the visuals of litter & garbage, (as long as they have their “freedom” of regulation), but most people like a nice, clean environment.

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