To the editor:

I know there are important guidelines when considering adding a building to the National Register of Historic Places but was delighted to see that Mickey Wight’s cabin is being considered. 

It may not be an edifice enjoyed or even seen by the masses, but for those of us who have sat there and enjoyed a sack lunch, it is a sweet spot. I remember one day when a man was with our group who had worked for her in his youth and recounted fondly her lemon meringue pie. 

I loved hearing how her and Frances Purvis were friends in that remote country. She has always been a symbol of what an independent Wyoming women looks like to me. It is no easy feat to get to the cabin but that adds to the allure, it is a great goal for a lunch stop. 

I hope it is considered because hanging on and preserving the simple things in life helps us stay connected to an earlier time when happiness could be defined by sharing a piece of pie with a feisty woman in the middle of nowhere.

(s) sherrie frame


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