To the editor:

“Some people don’t buy global warming hysteria” (Oct 23). Yes, but none of them are climate scientists. 

There are over 69,000 climate scientists worldwide publishing in peer-reviewed journals. All of them agree AGW is an immanent and existential threat, as does every scientific agency of national or international standing. 

The consensus on AGW among all climate scientists has risen from 97 percent last decade (National Academy of Sciences) to over 99.9999 percent in this decade (National Physical Sciences Consortium).

The “hysteria” letter repeats a false claim promoted by the fossil fuel industry’s clandestine billion-dollar climate-denial operation ( – that climate scientists preciously predicted “global cooling.” 

You can see that disproven online by the American Meteorologist Society,, (published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science),,,,,,,, Wikipedia, you name it.

Solar and wind energy, with storage costs included, is now cheaper than any fossil fuel (, They’ll be “essentially free” by 2030 if we scale them up nationally (Financial Times, UBS, Aug 2030). This would create over 10 million high-wage, local permanent (40-year) jobs (Stanford University’s 

Why hasn’t the transition to clean energy already happened? 

Corporate greed and political corruption. Fossil fuel corporation give members of Congress tens of millions annually in “donations” (bribes) ( and they get climate denial from those MOCs along with tens of billions annually in government subsidies that keep them in business ( 

The world scientific community says there’s only about a decade left to make massive greenhouse gas emissions cuts to avert “catastrophic” climate change.

(s) pete kuntz

Northglenn, Colo.

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You know folks there is nothing preventing anyone from helping the climate issue by buying ones own rooftop full of solar panels and ones own windmill and ones own battery reserve to store all your produced energy. Thats all available technology today so have at it, but do not be a hypocrite and sell to the power company thereby staying hooked up to the power company. By the way buy you an all electric vehicle and charge it on your new system. As I said this is all available today so have at it , as the ole saying goes put your money where your mouth is.

Also I just wonder if Pete in Colorado has all this you reckon, I will bet you he don't, he as others just want other peoples money to pay for the boondoggle.

Also folks dig a little deeper and you will find those scientist to the greatest extent are not climate scientist.


have another great day

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same could be said for you fox blue river.


WOW - this guy is living in La La land. At least 4 lies in his comment letter. Not even going to waste my time debating him. MOTHER NATURE - NOT CO2 emissions.

Disgusted taxpayer

"Corporate greed and political corruption." Surely you jest? Another related article on CNN states that 11000 scientists from 150 countries pretty much say the same thing.Humans will likely go the way of the dinosaurs and it will be "We the People" blame.

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