To the editor:

On June 4, the Park County Commissioners voted to allow a Special Use Permit on a parcel of land in the Middle South Fork.

The vote was 3-1 in favor of the SUP. The Park County P&Z committee had turned this down by a unanimous vote prior. All my neighbors voiced their opposition to this SUP.

Two commissioners spoke on their reasons for allowing the SUP. Their reasoning was lame and certainly unprofessional. You would think that our elected commissioners would support our citizens of Park County over an unknown entity from out of state.

As a refresher, the South Fork use to be divided as upper and lower for zoning. With considerable work on the part of the middle South Fork citizens, we got a Middle South Fork designation. To have a precedent made by our present commissioners against our will is a slap in the face of you and your fellow citizens of Park County.

Who do they work for? They certainly don’t work for our neighborhood on the Middle South Fork. We expected more from our commissioners.

(s) Robert b. Till

South Fork

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