To the editor:

After reading the delightful article ‘BLM has pair of wild horse adoption events’ written by Leo Wolfson I was saddened by Park County Commissioner Lee Livingston’s comment wherein he said he opposes the BLM’s management of wild horses, which he considers more of the “feral” variety since modern horses aren’t indigenous to North America. 

“They’re the remnants of ranch herds,” Livingston said. “It’s no different than wild hogs in Texas.” 

I beg to differ with Commissioner Livingston. We adopted one of these wild mustangs called Plenty Coups (We call him Little Sunny) five years ago and have fallen in love with our very special family member whom we treasure and find to be definitely a wild mustang and not a wild hog. 

I suggest that Commissioner Livingston travel out to the McCullough Peaks HMA sometime this summer to watch these wonderful creatures frolicking in the wild. They are much more attractive than wild hogs. I also suggest that residents of Cody and Park County make a trip out as well.

We will be eternally grateful to Marshall and Bettye Dominick who alerted us to the auction in Powell five years ago and were instrumental in helping us to adopt our very special family member and to for the continued vigilance and assistance offered by the Friends of a Legacy (FOAL) that helps to keep the legacy of these wonderful creatures alive.

(s) jim Waltman

Canon City, Colo.

former Cody resident

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