If you missed the grand opening of the Cody Firearms Museum on Saturday, we hope you check it out soon.

The Cody Firearms Museum celebrated its opening to the public with former special forces paratrooper Dana Bowman jumping out of a historic fly-over by a World War II era C-47 plane. 

Visitors were then allowed to tour the new museum, reopened following an eight-month, $12 million full-scale renovation, including major investments in advanced technology and experiential learning. Long home to one of the largest firearm collections in the world, the renovation has allowed the museum to move away from just a display of guns to telling a story of the role of firearms in American culture.

That means you don’t have to be a firearms fanatic to enjoy the space.

The new space interprets more than 800 years of history with more than 10,000 artifacts in 40,000 square feet of space. The exhibits invite visitors to explore how people have used firearms throughout international history, in times of both war and peace. 

It also includes simulation technology and interactive microscopes designed to showcase the evolution of firearms and provide hands-on lessons in firearms safety. Other attractions include a state-of-the-art documentary on the soldier, civilian, financial and global costs of war, as well as a space for veterans and active military to share their stories and document their history.

And the Science of Firearms and Ammunition gallery is 100 percent hands-on with displays on rifling, cross sections of barrels, different sights, and a ballistics section where visitors can try to line up the rifling marks on the images of fired bullets like a ballistics expert.

Making the museum’s vast collection of artifacts accessible to a larger audience was the goal of curator Ashley Hlebinsky and assistant curator Danny Michael and they’ve succeeded. Even those with little or no knowledge about firearms will find something to enjoy.

We hope you put it on your list of summer to-dos. You won’t be disappointed.


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