Back-to-school sales may be gearing up, but there’s still some summer left to enjoy.

On the local lakes and rivers it’s high time for fishing, rafting and kayaking. It stills stays light enough late enough for long afternoon hikes and rides.

There are a host of outdoor activities in the area. The next two weekends especially are full of events in and around Cody.

This weekend features established annual events including Wild West River Fest and Great Dam Day.

The seventh annual Wild West River Fest is Friday-Sunday, with much of the action happening on the Buffalo Bill Dam tailwaters of the Shoshone River. All proceeds support the local nonprofit Wild West Paddle Club working to build the next generation of whitewater paddlers.

Events involve paddlers competing and showing their skills in a variety of boating events for all abilities. 

Up river Saturday people will also have the chance to celebrate one of the region’s biggest attractions at the Great Dam Day.

The 25th anniversary of the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center celebration is 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and includes food, drinks, games and the chance to walk along the old dam road.

Also on Saturday is the fifth annual Rotary cornhole tournament in City Park.

The next weekend includes more big events such as the Cody Country Car Show, featuring a sea of classic and modern cars at City Park, and the new Wapiti Valley Songwriters weekend.

And don’t forget Thursday’s Concerts in the Park.

August provides many excuses to get out and have some fun.

Zac Taylor

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Shield of Faith

Your article is an attempt to ask for gun control by asking a seemingly thoughtful questions. So let’s cut to the chase.

I never hear from gun control advocates a request for Hollywood Gun Control. Why not? You do not need to change the law for this. Just ask every Hollywood actor to sign a letter saying they will not participate in any production using guns. No glorification of guns. No solving ones problems with guns. How come you never ask for this?

You ended your letter with quote from a Holocaust survivor. How ironic. Hitler ordered Himlar to take control of all weapons in 1938 thru gun control. He pointed to the success of gun control by the British years before in India. This is how the British Controlled India.

Maybe if the Jewish community would have had the same weapons as the SS they would not have suffered the Holocaust.

The shooter in El Paso was on and off drugs from age of 9. He is from north Texas. The Dayton shooter was a Satan worshipper and in High School posted rape list and hit list. These are not the posting of sane person. You want to blame the gun. Do you blame the SUV driven by the drunk who kills a family of 4? No you blame the drunk driver.

If you truly want a solution start looking at the real problem of Hollywood and Video games witch desensitized the taking of ones life.

Bill from North Texas

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