To the editor:

For years politicians and entertainers seem to have blurred the definition of what a scientist is, time to set the record straight. 

Regardless of their scientific field, there is one common denominator, a scientist questions everything on their way to a hypothesis.

Charles Darwin spent many years proving and disproving various parts of his “Theory of Evolution.” 

When we hear “a consensus of scientists say ...” that means they have resigned their role of the curious questioner and have sold out to big money, or a political agenda.

What is even more disturbing is when politicians, the media, entertainers, social media and even some scientist call for “Silencing of Dissenting Voices.” Some individuals are so self-important that the thought of them being proven wrong elicits a violent response.

We have seen this repeated on several issues of so-called scientific fact. For the public good, it is time for these people to grow up, and act like adults. When all else fails, follow the money trail.

(s) edmond schwab

Woodburn, Kentucky

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Censoring my comments again ?

James Leghorn

"If you don't want to quarantine it's okay" Charles Darwin

Fox Blue River

"a consensus of scientists" Usually means that there is so much evidence, research and cohesion with other scientific facts that there is no further need to argue about it.

Sounds like another conservative Republican wanting to rant because science disagrees with his feelings.

You know if 70% of Americans (sad), 95% of the rest of the world, medical doctors, teachers, meteorologists and all scientists carrying a PhD agree on something like lets say evolution by natural selection; maybe it's not the liberal media, maybe it's you, maybe you are wrong.

I will keep reading books by Dr. Lawrence Krauss and Dr. Richard Dawkins you conservatives can keep Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck as your source, none of which have a college degree.

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