To the editor:

We enjoy driving up the South Fork road, especially this time of the year for the beautiful scenery and to watch the bighorn sheep and elk. 

For over the last month we have driven up several days at different times during the day. We have not seen one sheep – not a ewe or ram. Surely, we cannot be missing them. 

Where are the sheep? Has the road construction been a detriment to the sheep coming to the valley? 

This leads to more questions. We are wondering how many people in Park County feel the same as we do. 

We live on the South Fork road and, to our knowledge, there was never a survey nor public meeting called to gain opinions on the South Fork road major construction project with widening of the road. 

Who wanted this road widened?

Who pushed the Park County commissioners to agree to the project & why did they agree?

Who is actually benefiting from this project?

What purpose is it serving?

The South Fork is a dead-end road. There are no storefront businesses at the end. There are only private property owners all the way up the road. 

What could possibly be the purpose to spend the large amount of money on a project that is not needed? There must be better projects in Park County that could really benefit from this large amount of money.

(s) Patricia owsley


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answer to your first question is probably wolves effecting sheep, want to see rams go up the north fork

southfork hunter

There is no basis to this statement. There are plenty of rams in the south fork, more than up the north fork actually. Just gotta know where to look. This notion that wolves are killing everything is ridiculous and rooted in ignorance.


Maybe you should reread the opinion , the concern was not seeing wolves on a drive up the south fork meaning no sheep along the road, I did not say the wolves were killing the sheep , and drive up the north fork and see the sheep every tome you drive up. But common sense tells you the cause of them not being down on the road as they used to be.

Fox Blue River

It's CP, our favorite ultra conservative boomer, here to offer advice on something he is completely ignorant about; true to form.


Typical liberal has to resort to name calling to anyone that does not believe as he does, Fox look in the mirror.

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