To the editor:

Where do we stop trying to pretend that history didn’t happen? 

At what point do we decide what some minority believes offensive worth going through 200 years of history to erase? That sounds somewhat like schools removing Tom Sawyer, and others, from the bookshelves because of the use of a certain word that offends some – like the book wasn’t written about a time in history that existed! 

Where does it stop? Are we going to go back and rename states, such as North and South Carolina because they are named after an English Queen? Are we going to change the name of Louisiana because it was named after a French king we went to war with? 

That is only one example, there are many more that could fall into the trap – what did the Native Americans call that land before white man came to this country? It is somewhat akin to the current discussion on reparation for those whose ancestors were brought to America as slaves. My question, why do modern Americans have to pay for those who arrived as slaves before we were a nation? 

Do we send those requests to England to pay? America, the United States, had slaves as history dictates, but where does one place the responsibility? 

From what I can understand today, there are still tribes in Africa at war with each other, with the results still seeing people placed into slavery. It is more important to me to build a future and stop living in the past. One cannot change history – it was and is. Nothing we do can change what has happened. We may disagree with what happened or why, but it is.

(s) Ray Floyd


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I would like to know why my comment was censored all I can think is it did not agree with Cody enterprise political slant???????? Censorship and Russia go hand in hand

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