To the editor:

I just read in the last Enterprise that the Wyoming G&F has transplanted another Grizzly to the Mormon Creek drainage. If these notifications are not repeats as noted in previous issues they have transplanted no less than three of the bruins possibly even four of them in the last month or month and a half in that drainage and all from the Pinedale area. 

What is going on? There are obviously too many of them and instead of culling them as good stewards should they are playing musical bears. I guess they and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife won’t be happy until someone in the very nearby summer home community or a hunter gets chewed up, maimed or killed. What am I missing here?

(s) paul sandbak


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Stop and think why they might "all be from the Pinedale area." Tens of thousands of sheep and cattle on Forest Service allotments are in the Green River, a corridor that would allow bears to pass from Yellowstone to the Wind River mountains. But in their journey for new food sources, they encounter livestock by the thousands. The Greater Yellowstone Whitebark pine trees are 90% functionally dead, depriving grizzlies of one of their few vital fall fattening foods. The Winds still have a good source of healthy White bark pines along with the Beartooths where there are more bears than in previous years. If you look at the data, the grizzly population has been flat for over a decade. Possibly the bears search for quality foods has driven them to search wider and wider.

Wapiti 1

Last time I checked, the relocation area is in the National Forest (not "state" or "local" forest) and the bears were probably released in a Wilderness Area (not a residential area). That is where bears belong. People are welcome to visit and share the bears' home.


Sadly, even if people were maimed or killed it wouldn't stop the musical bear situation. It's the liberal groups (from around the country that don't have to worry about a bear in their own back yards) that keep preventing a hunt season from culling them is what the problem is.

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