A few weeks ago I paid humble homage to a segment on one of the late night talk shows. 

It is still a segment that I find hilarious and it sets off my funny bone every time. Ironically, I received some kudos from friends and strangers. They enjoyed having their day lightened with a bit humor.  

The part that makes the segment work on late-night is that these are real events – stories that get buried in the detritus of news that is occurring on a national scale every minute of every day. Each day we’re faced with more unbelievable events. We need to be made aware of these events, even if they put our brains on chaos overload. Each day we’re in need of a little respite from the craziness.  

Meanwhile … apparently there is supposed to be a convergence on Area 51 in Nevada to “see them aliens.” It’s been on-off again so I’m not actually sure of the status as of this writing. But, at one point there was concern of many thousands, perhaps even a million people, descending on the desert. 

It just goes to show the theory of mob rule is alive and well. But, who hasn’t had their mind go into creative mode at some point at the thought of other species roaming the galaxies? Why do we think “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” remain so popular?  

All I can say is maybe one of them aliens will escape from Area 51 and will decide to run for high office. They’ll have my vote.  

Meanwhile … we can still learn from the calm, civil, stoic Brits. The newly elected prime minister was visiting the town of Morley. While the PM was going about meeting people, a gentleman approached him and reached out his hand for a shake and quietly, succinctly, without rancor, said, “please leave my town.” 

It proved once again that still waters run deep and the simple, earnest responses are more effective than anything full of bluster and false bravado.  

Meanwhile … Steve King, still a U.S. Representative who doesn’t see anything wrong with hating people different from himself, was on a mission to prove the conditions in the cells and cages holding children in detention centers on the border aren’t so bad. 

To prove his point that there’s nothing to complain about, and it’s OK if we make the detainees drink water out of the toilet, he decided to go into one of the cells and drink out of the toilet. 

He proclaimed “I took a drink out of there. And actually, pretty good. I smacked my lips.” I’d like to have a quippy comeback to this stunt but, it really does speak for itself, and for Rep. King.

Meanwhile … common sense takes many shapes. While Hurricane Dorian was approaching Florida and the residents were trying to batten down the hatches, one man was figuring out how to keep his smart car safe since his garage was full. 

So, necessity being the mother of invention, he opened the double doors in his kitchen and drove it in. Who says we can’t think outside the box anymore?

Meanwhile … ’til next time. 

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