To the editor:

When one looks at the county COVID-19 cases here and in our neighboring states Idaho, Colorado and Montana it is obvious that the highest numbers are centered in the ski resort areas. 

Lots of folks flying in from out of state, sharing condos, eating in restaurants. In other words, loads of tourists. Cody gets very few tourists between the closing and opening of Yellowstone. Hence our low numbers of infected. That could change when the Park is opened. 

Will we greet everyone wearing masks? Would you sit next to a table of New Yorkers at a restaurant or bar? We know how the Cody economy depends on tourism but are we going to be in a rush to drop safeguards and open up with business as usual? 

I’m hoping our business leaders are talking to the leaders of other gateway cities to the Park on how to keep both residents and tourists safe. 

(s) richard reed


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If YOU feel uncomfortable sitting next to tourists at a restaurant or whatever, YOU may certainly wear a mask or ho elsewhere. We live in FREE country. Why restrict the entire population because YOU feel unsafe. I'm not saying you're not justified in being concerned, just don't make YOUR concern affect me....let's all remember the concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY !


Practice what your preaching

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