It’s fitting that only a few days after responding to a potentially dangerous situation in Cody, the nation celebrated Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Thursday.

While on a day-to-day basis seeing law enforcement might be more likely to cause someone to hit the brakes rather than give a jolt of appreciation, the situation Jan. 6 when officers and deputies rushed to a standoff involving an armed suspect on the West Strip was yet another sign of how important they are to the community.

We see it as more proof law enforcement should be shown appreciation every day.

In a safe city such as Cody, officers and deputies are still tasked with handling a wide variety of issues, from speeding cars to drunk drivers and threatening texts. 

For doing all of that, they should be commended and appreciated. 

But, like the soldier who may spend days on end with mundane base details but be prepared for orders to deploy overseas, law enforcement is ready at a moment’s notice to respond when the public may be at risk.

For that willingness to run toward the danger to protect others, they should be commended and appreciated. 

So don’t wait until next year to show some appreciation to those in the community in uniform. Maybe get them a coffee to start their day and be pleasant even if you find yourselves directly in front of the blue lights. 

After all, even when you’re not thrilled to see law enforcement, remember they’re willingness to serve and protect. 

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