To me, by definition, anyone who grabs a semi-automatic weapon, carries it to a Walmart, night club district or other public gathering and starts firing is crazy.

That does not mean they indiscriminately pulled the trigger and created a massacre because they were crazy. They might also be stupid, angry, fueled by hate speech and prejudiced.

In the wake of the back-to-back-to-back, El Paso, Dayton, and now-overshadowed Gilroy, Calif., recent mass shootings across the United States, doctors have been contradicting President Donald Trump and other politicians who say mental illness is at the root of these mass killings this country experiences like no other.

Dr. Seth Trueger, an assistant professor at Northwestern University, said depression, anxiety and suicide is just as common in the other places which do not have mass killings by gunfire.

“Other countries have the same kind of mental health issues we have, the same kind of violent video games we have, the same religiosity we have,” he said. What is needed, he said, is tighter gun control.

The American Psychological Association likewise said the rates of mental illness are about the same elsewhere and those countries do not have citizens running around murdering people in large groups, especially children. Nope. It’s not all about whirly birds in the head, but easy legal access to military-style guns.

Wyoming is as gun-friendly as any state. The state has a strong hunting tradition for sport and putting food on the table, and it is a lure for tourists.

Cody celebrates the gun at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Firearms Museum and at the Cody Firearms Experience a customer can shoot a gatling gun. These operations are legitimate and Congress is not planning to outlaw history museums and gun ranges.

When people speak of better gun control, most are referring to keeping semi-automatic weapons or accessories like bump stocks from the walk-in-the-store guy tempted to blow away a bunch of innocents.

Whether it is the National Rifle Association or Congress that cannot differentiate, the no-change chorus illustrates the boundaries between common sense and blindness. To them a gun is a gun is a gun and one small step for mankind cannot be imagined because it means the “socialists” will confiscate every gun ever sold. Nonsense.

American society moves at a glacial pace. If you are old enough, you might remember when there were no littering laws and it was neither unusual, nor particularly frowned upon, to throw trash out of the window of a moving car.

Politicians in sitting bodies rather than as individual speakers, rarely advocate because they think a policy is the right thing to do. Change generally only comes when overwhelming public pressure is applied. 

Mass murder after mass murder collide in the news and in our heads, leaving us nauseated by body counts from Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland. Then somehow these killings are shunted aside or forgotten. Except by the devastated loved ones, friends and relatives, or by others who ran from horrors they never thought would invade their communities. They live with loss and nightmares forever.

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