To the editor:

Mountain goats are native to Wyoming according to concrete, irrefutable scientific evidence gleaned from their fossils found in Little Box Elder Cave in the Laramie Mountains, and confirmed by an official National Parks Service document in addition to other sources.

Furthermore, several ancient Native American tools fashioned from mountain goat bones of the lower foreleg and near the hoof were found in this cave. To find bones so modified for a specific task is very rare. Not sure how they get more native than that. 

These tools are listed among items found in the cave near Casper, in the heart of Wyoming, detailed in an official National Parks Service Document filed for NAGPRA to repatriate the ancient “culturally unidentifiable” human remains to the Arapahoe of the Wind River Range, in 2010.

Not only that, these bones are identified as being from Oreamnos Americanus, again, their scientific name, translated to mean the fossils are from anatomically modern mountain goats, no different than those once again found in the Tetons.

If they are still unwanted in the Tetons, instead of gunning the goats from a helicopter, why not enlist the expertise of Olympic National Park, gained through much practice, of tranquilizing them using the helicopters, and transporting them in those orange nets suspended under the chopper while the goats are wearing blinders, possibly to a holding pen. Then, the “valuable” goats can be trucked just across the border to release sites already scoped out by Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, in Montana where perhaps there’s more acceptance.

If they are transplant goats elsewhere, why not also seek the consultation of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks with a proven track record, of translocating bighorn sheep to other areas within Grand Teton National Park, since these wild sheep don’t really disperse well. 

(s) ryan molde

Yellowstone Park

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Thank you! Half of what you wrote is about what I was going to. Like our wild horses, the goats are also good for tourism, picture taking, video development and sharing when one gets home.

On a side note... I don't think anything economically is more upsetting than to see a Wyoming Contractor be outbid or a business that is going out and a company is hired to close, labor, etc....

a local feed store is going out; a local rep went out to see him; it was a good visit and the owner/operator very amicable....he wants "we" in the area to buy from his business but he does not want to support the Wyoming business that is represented in the general area. i see this alot in construction .... l

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