To the editor:

The call to citizens,”If you see something, say something,” works.

On Monday, Nov. 18, I was taking photos of iridescent clouds, stopping carefully along 11th Street as I headed south toward home. I took several shots beside the lower 11th and upper 11th Street and I saw a spot I couldn’t resist, so I pulled to the curb and did a couple more shots.

That is where, “if you see something, say something” really worked well. A concerned citizen, maybe a school teacher, saw me taking pictures of the clouds above the Livingston School playgrounds did the right thing. That good citizen sent my vehicle license plate number to the police department and they followed up on the call.

I showed the police officer the pictures on my camera and the shot I took over the school. Everyone did a great job and I learned a valuable lesson.

(s) gib lehman


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Fox Blue River

This is like Helsinki syndrome right?


Glad you learned something Gib. What we learned, you might ask? That doing nothing wrong then cowtowwing to both your accuser (whatever this person thought you were doing "wrong") and giving the cops the time of day over this non incident...we learned that when folks like you bend over and puts the pressure on the rest of us who will always stand up to our rights

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