Last year Sam Wilde and Jerry Parker of Park County Fire District 2 spent the first morning of school next to a fire truck parked near Eastside School on 16th Street with a sign reading, “Friendly Reminder Schools Back in Session.”

While we wouldn’t mind seeing them out again this year near a school or busy street, we’d like to provide our own friendly reminder.

Tuesday marks the start of the school year for the Cody School District and thus the start of the season of yellow busses and hordes of small pedestrians.

At the high school that also includes relatively inexperienced drivers who may need a bit of extra room.

So slow down in school zones, whether its 16th Street, East Sheridan, the streets surrounding Livingston School, downtown streets near Cody High, Cougar Avenue, U.S. 14-16-20 by Wapiti School and anywhere else students may be getting on or off the bus or walking to school.

Remember to give pedestrians space and don’t pass a school bus with its stop sign out, a misdemeanor offense with a fine that just got more hefty thanks to a new state law that went into effect this summer. Now the owner of a vehicle can be fined $195 if their vehicle is caught on camera passing a stopped school bus and the driver can’t be identified.

Don’t forget the crosswalk on Sheridan downtown, a popular lunchtime route for hungry high schoolers headed for a quick bite.

While not all students, teachers or parents may feel quite ready for the school year as it begins, for motorists there’s no choice: Be prepared to stop, use caution, watch out for crosswalk guards and help the schools have a safe start to the year.

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