Spoiler alert. I’ve been over thinking again.

As with most people, my life moves along day to day and then various situations coalesce and it seems like nothing goes right. Little and big things occur to remind me that stuff happens to everyone that is baffling and downright irritating.

It seems the things that are out of our control seem to take on a larger presence, and then the things we normally can control become more challenging than the situation warrants. I recently found myself in such a situation where normal crap became monumental because I lost perspective about the situations out of my control that were overwhelming my thoughts.

I was going along quietly through my normal routine, trying to stay informed, and taking care of my own business. Then, what should have been a normal eye roll with the often baffling tweets or statements from the leader of our county, I caught myself reacting out of proportion to the situation. There was a discussion about revitalizing the space program and returning to the moon, something I happen to applaud.

Then, a comment I would normally tune out created a visceral response for me. I can’t remember the entirety, but when the president states for all the world to hear that the Earth’s moon is part of Mars it’s hard not to stop and pick one’s jaw from the ground. If this individual doesn’t know the facts about something as basic as this, what will become of us?

As I stewed and fretted, this became a thought out of proportion to the situation, and affected how I handled some immediate things within my control. Within close proximity to this situation, one of my faucets broke, my car windshield got a large crack, BeBe got sick and I’ve lost (or misplaced) a couple of vital documents. Suddenly these routine hiccups became paralyzing. It took me a while to realize I had lost my perspective. Then, it got me thinking … oops.

Since the object of my angst is basically one who parlayed a name into a brand, I started to think about the human tendency to be swayed by the cults of personality. This phenomenon isn’t new. People swooned over Frank Sinatra; fêted Douglas MacArthur.

Television shifted the cult process when Elvis could only be filmed from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan show. TV also shifted politics when JFK debated Nixon. For those who could afford a television, people could not only hear but see the candidates.

A sea of change occurred. Politics and celebrity comingled, never to be detached again. Somewhere our brain disengaged and we became cult followers for entertainment, sports and governing. We failed to see the inherent consequences with this approach. We flawed humans are adept at denying our own foibles; and we hate to find out those we favor possess similar human frailties. Our blinders are applied and our normal judgment skewed.

Over thinking can be a self-inflicted wound, but there are times I’m comforted about my over thinking by remembering the wisdom of Henry Ford.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.”

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