Nice of you to ask.

So Cody leaders just recently finished quizzing people about how to plan the future. This is a chance to throw in your two cents worth and hope the investment pays off with a dime by 2030.

Or, as the creators of an in-depth survey suggest, how to make Cody stronger, healthier and more prosperous in the coming years.

People can come to live sessions and participate. They can respond to the questionnaire mailings to homes, or they can go online and fill out a shorter question list with their thoughts.

Being somewhat of a maverick, I decided to take matters into my own hands and participate in my own way: Right here.

Most residents of Cody would probably tell you the community that is pushing a population of 10,000 is the best place to live in Wyoming. After all, why would Kanye West and Kim Kardashian move to Cody leaving Jackson in their dust if that were not true?

Still, Cody is not perfect. Aside from Jackson this is the state’s home to over-priced real estate. That would be the No. 1 thing on my list for improvements – more affordable housing.

One thing that would help make Cody great is a 24-hour cafe-diner-restaurant. Or at least one that was open until like midnight or 1 a.m. Not everyone goes to sleep at 9 p.m. Of course, sometimes it can seem that way if you happen to be driving down Sheridan Avenue in late evening with it so bare of cars you could bowl down the center of the street.

As the Rodeo Capital of the World, and in homage to town co-founder Buffalo Bill Cody, I think we need an annual reincarnation of the Wild West as part of summer celebrations. Not merely a one-day gig, but at least one lasting a week and maybe longer, perhaps all summer long. Yippie-cay-yay! There’s no business like show business.

Speaking of Buffalo Bill, it seems much international attention would swerve Cody’s way if someone got behind a movement to explore the alleged grave on the top of Cedar Mountain to learn (perhaps through DNA testing) if there is truth to the story that his body was spirited away from Colorado before the alleged final burial on Lookout Mountain in Golden. Inquiring minds want to know.

More official participants than I are asked what Cody’s strengths are and what they would like to see happen in Cody over the next 5, 10 or more years.

As for the future measured in years, I would think it best if the city grew by just enough people to keep all its businesses, particularly hotels and restaurants, open year-round. 

One of Cody’s major strengths – museums galore – is a commitment to preserving links to its western heritage and all of the area’s history. It provides some city amenities, but also offers easy access to the outdoors and wilderness simply by driving a mile or two down the highway. That combination can make other cities across the United States jealous.

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Fox Blue River

Secular, professional mental health care would be nice.

Disgusted taxpayer

Since Cody people decided to swap good paying blue collar jobs for ripping off tourists and importing rich money grubbers the days of "affordable housing" are long gone.


Lew, simply, what Cody needs is local shopper loyalty. Too many run up to Billings or frequent the local out-of-town owned carpetbaggers instead of deal with their friend and neighbors and their locally owned businesses. Pretty easy, too easy for some around here to head up to Lowes or the Rimrock Mall, yet hit up and hit up and hit up the local businesses here in Cody for donations. Does lil' Tommy or Becky need a sports uniform? Ask Home Depot, first. If these Codyites who are "so loyal" to the community keep running out of town to do their shopping, they should hit up Billings to fund their next lil' club project. Local Loyalty...we the people are killing our own community by not trading local. Look how thin the area newspapers are getting...the surviving businesses have either stopped advertising because of diminishing sales or figured out it was a waste of time and money.

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