As glad as we are to know Cody High School has added a full-time college counselor to its staff, we’re surprised to learn this position has not existed in the past.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who denigrate higher education as not worth the money. That complaint grows more dated and hollow every year.

College may not be for everyone, and some young people do just fine without it. But for the masses of high school grads, more education is always better.

This, despite the ever-increasing cost of college and the choking debt that often results for students. Simply put, a college education remains vitally important for most young people.

Many studies show the resulting lifelong pay disparity created between those with and without some sort of college education.

And the work world is certainly doing nothing but getting more complex and competitive.

CHS has long offered post-high school, career counseling. But they’ve not had a staff member whose energies were solely devoted to helping seniors move on to a community college or university.

Now, Lauren Perry, a recent college grad herself, will fill that role in the new “near-peer” program. We’re excited about this because a young person can better connect high school seniors to the modern college experience.

Young people need and deserve more than a high school education and anything that encourages and helps them take that big step is good for them and society.

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