To the editor:

As a member of Wyoming NORML – Working to Reform Wyoming’s Marijuana Laws – and a petition carrier seeking signatures so we all may vote for or against industrial hemp and prescription medical cannabis in 2016, I have seen supporters outnumbering naysayers better than 2-to-1 in our state.

But disturbingly, many “supporters” are unwilling to sign the petition for fear of judgment, and many others are unregistered and therefore ineligible. Fear not; as a supporter you are in the majority for right.

Each petition page is seen only by limited NORML staff, the Secretary of State and 10 supporters of sick people; there is certainly no reason to fear them. It’s illegal for employers to bring consequences for political preferences; do not fear others.

To those who would negatively alter their treatment of another for supporting only the opportunity to vote on allowing tightly regulated medicine for sick people in our state, I ask you sincerely to reflect on your level of judgementalism.

If anyone allows bullying to keep them from what they know to be right, they are a part of the problem.

Standing for what is right has always cost the passionate, but those inflicting judgment are on the wrong side of history and contrary to God’s laws.

I am convinced that cannabis is a God-given medicine. If you disagree, please read Genesis 1, Mark 7 and 1 Timothy 4 and apply them to this issue before making your final judgment.

For details or to discreetly sign the petition, call (307) 587-5003.

(s) B.J. Sondeno


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I also need to make the point that although there are only the few people listed who necessarily see the signed pages, the list will become public record after January when someone could go down to the Secretary of State and search through all 50,000 signatures (or however many we manage to collect).


I support BJ Sondeno and his efforts to collect signatures on the Wyoming NORML petition. Science backs up the fact that medical cannabis is a better medicine than the pills being pushed at us everyday for chronic pain, anxiety, cancer treatments, chrons disease and the list is endless . We have been told for 70 years that marijuana is the "devil weed" yet drug companies are making at least 4 kinds of THC medications and they are being prescribed daily. So if marijuana has no medical use then why do they try to replicate it? What I wouldn't give to be able to use medical cannabis instead of all the pills with their terrible side effects. Does anyone know that Wyoming passed a bill on July 1st making CBD oil legal for seizure patients??? Well they did, but our farmers are not allowed to grow the Hemp that produces the CBD oil so they lose out on an additional income. Hemp grows in the worst soil conditions and rejuvinates the soil at the same time. After oil extraction the entire plant is 100% useable. If you want to know more about CBD oil, google charlottes web. These farmers are helping seizure patients all over the country not to mention the fact that CBD oil is showing great results with many neuro disorders. So if you see someone in a Wyoming NORML shirt ask them to let you sign their petition and help support the people who need this the most. I support them 100%!

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