To the editor:

I seldom read Bob Meinecke’s column in the Cody Enterprise. Not because he is not a good writer – he is. 

We just have somewhat different cultural interests and activities. But if anyone out there has not read his article in the Enterprise dated Thursday, Aug. 22, I encourage them to do so. Bob points out (beginning with paragraph three) that with the recent appointment of David Bernhart as interior secretary and William Perry Pendly as chief of the BLM we are in very real danger of loosing our public lands through massive sell-off. 

We must all – “red necks,” “tree huggers” and everyone in between – come together to prevent that from happening. If you like to play in the great outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, biking, riding horses, boating or just enjoying being off the concrete and asphalt, it is imperative that you educate yourself about those two political appointees and keep a close watch on their actions. 

The minute they even hint at getting rid of public lands, let them and the rest of the current administration know in no uncertain terms that the American people will not stand for the privatization of our public playgrounds. 

I hear that the headquarters for the BLM is being moved from Washington D.C., to Colorado. Is that to facilitate better management of public land (the majority of which is in the western states) or is it to facilitate the sell-off of those lands? Pay attention.

(s) dick downen


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