To the editor:

In lieu of the small write up in the Cody Enterprise about CertainTeed closing its doors in April after 59 years in business, I feel the need to write this. 

If you’ve heard of GlasRoc Sheathing, GlasRoc Tilebacker and GlasRoc Shaftliner, they were all created in Cody because we had the amazing team willing and wanting to make it work. We’ve shipped from coast to coast. The quality of our board is supreme and has nothing to do with the plant closure. I have been employed with the company soon to be 28 years, which pails in comparison to those who have been here 30-40 years (and there are several). 

We have an amazing dedicated group of hourly employees and fabulous engineers and managers who could work anywhere but chose Cody because of the great community in which we live. We have always been a great team at this facility and are very much a family. We not only give to each other in need but also to the community. 

We’ve worked a little over 4,114 days without a lost time accident and we’ve spent several thousands of dollars purchasing Cody Bucks through the Chamber as part of our safety program to help support local business. 

Not only will our dedicated employees suffer the loss, so will our local vendors and contractors and their families who’ve been supplying services and utilities to the plant for years. This beautiful community will be affected in many ways and that is really something deserving of more than the tiny little write-up this big news was given.

(s) Laurie bauer


(2) comments

Joe Battin

It's working well Disgusted, thank you for asking. However, it is no suprise it does not suit you!

Disgusted taxpayer

This is happening all over America not just in Cody.Y'all can thank corporations for your is that MAGA thing working for y'all?

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