Hunting season is heating up in the region, with preparations for elk camps underway and many antelope already in the freezer.

We wish everyone who goes out on a hunt good luck whatever you’re hunting and also take precautions when out in the backcountry in order to stay safe and stay within the Wyoming Game and Fish rules and regulations.

Preparation tips every hunter should keep in mind include:

• Always tell someone where you are going and for how long.

•Be prepared for the worst. No matter what you are hunting, having basic survival items with you could mean the difference between life and death.

• Watch the weather forecast. There is no point in getting caught off guard and putting yourself and others in danger.

• Have yourself and your hunting-camping equipment in good working order. This means getting yourself in physical shape, and having all your hunting equipment, including your vehicle, ready to work and perform.

• Read and know the hunting regulations and laws. These regulations and laws can change from year to year, so being knowledgeable of these and other hunting requirements may save you from getting in trouble. If you have questions, please contact G&F prior to going afield.

• Have your firearm or bow sighted in, and be proficient at making good, clean shots.

BLM and Forest Service maps, Google Earth and onX Maps are all good sources of information for learning the terrain and habitats, where the private and public lands are located and figuring out the road and trail systems. 

Also, check for Chronic Wasting Disease. G&F officials encourage hunters to have their animals tested for CWD, a deadly brain disease that effects deer, elk and moose. Animals can be taken to a nearby check station for the free testing.

 The Centers for Disease Control recommends against eating meat from an infected animal.

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