Second only to dogs, pigs are our most intelligent domestic animals. They experience all the emotions of motherly love, pleasure, happiness, pain, fear and terror.

For thousands, if not tens of thousands of years, our species has been entertained by fighting animals, often resulting in mutilation and death. Bulls, cocks, snakes, dogs and even in some Asian countries, fish, are common examples.

Pig mud wrestling is a brutal remnant behavior of our more primitive selves. It is a sad commentary on our inhumanity that we are still entertained by and laugh at the terror felt by pigs who cannot escape from sources of that terror.

For those disagreeing with this letter, who consider pig mud wrestling harmless fun – and I imagine that will be most who read this letter – I would ask that they really think hard about what the pig is going through during the wrestling.

By condoning pig mud wrestling, even aggressively advertising it, officials of Park County, the Board of the Park County Fair and Echo Renner, Park County Events Coordinator are guilty of animal torture.

Until this horrendous activity is banned, humane humans should boycott the fair.

(s) Ronald M. Young


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Wyoming Native

Bravo !! First of all let me thank you for thinking of these animals who have no choice but to endure what we humans inflict upon them. I have lived in this community all my life and have had to watch as animals are exploited for financial gain in rodeos constantly. I saw this on the front page of the newspaper last week and I thought the same thing you thought. I am thankful that people are influxing into this community who actually have empathy for animals and their welfare. Thank you for speaking out on this issue as it encourages others who feel similarly to bond together to try and effect positive change.

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