Park County School District No. 6 and the Park County Commissioners each took a necessary step recently in curbing spending and getting their budgets in line.

The school district cut the activities department budget by $83,000.

The commissioners are looking at making the Park County Public Library’s Biblio Bistro a private business. That decision has not yet been finalized, but planning is underway.

The school district activities cuts will not eliminate any sports teams or activities. However, funding for some coaching positions has been eliminated and a reduction in salaries for some activity advisors is scheduled.

By taking the Biblio Bistro private, the county would stop losing between $40,000 and $50,000 per year.

In our opinion, if a private entrepreneur cannot be found to run the library cafe, the cafe should be shut down.

As the outlook for revenue for government entities in Wyoming continues to look dismal, steps needed to be taken. Both of these recent actions are good first baby steps, but more and larger will probably be necessary.

Making only slight cuts this year and relying on accrued savings may be good for this year, but cuts will most likely be even deeper and more difficult next year when reserves are depleted.

Secondly, don’t rationalize if you save money in one area, you can spend it in another department. That’s not fiscally prudent.

We hate to see programs and services cut. But if you don’t have the money, don’t spend it.

John Malmberg

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