So The Wild Bunch gunfighters are going to be permitted to discharge a real firearm (double-barreled shotgun loaded with blanks) to begin their nightly show.

No problem.

For those worried about the safety issues of reintroducing a real gun, the issue remains the same as it did in 2016 when an actor mistakenly fired a gun with live rounds.

The gun isn’t the problem. It is the person that was loading and firing the gun that was the problem.

It is true that even with blanks, a shotgun blast produces extremely hot gasses, residue and particles that shoot out past the end of the barrel.

But in the hands of a capable individual and under the specific rules outlined by the city (the shotgun must be elevated and aimed upward above the building skyline) it is safe.

It is not the permitting for the use of a real firearm that could cause safety issues. It is whose hands the firearms are allowed in that could be a problem.

In the 2016 Cody Gunfighters case, the individual responsible for the accidental shooting was a person who should never have been allowed in the show for a variety of reasons.

That’s why the Cody Gunfighters were unable to obtain liability insurance.

That’s when Kenny Martin and Greg Pendley stepped up and organized a new show.

The new group, The Wild Bunch, could purchase insurance with a new cast of characters, new script, weapons that could not fire live ammunition and a third-party safety manager on-site at all shows.

As long as the organizers diligently screen the actors and the actors follow the rules, the show is safe. Go enjoy it with your family, friends and visitors to Cody.


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Gunrunner Auctions

We tried to find the Wild Bunch a stage shotgun that would beller out loud enough, but alas all that is offered is one that shoot dull little caps. Something you might use in a theatrical inside performance. The Wild Bunch wanted a big boomer that announced the opening of the gun fight, hence the real shotgun with blanks. Rest assured there is an inspector looking at everyone's blanks for the night. There are now responsible people running the performance. The riff-raff has been long weeded out and sent down the road never to return. Used to be HUGE egos and dirty backgrounds resulting in the "perfect storm".... No more.

Wapiti 1

Sure, as long as everyone does exactly what they are supposed to do, no problem. Is it not possible to find a shotgun that can fire blanks but not live ammo? Wouldn't that be a lot better than relying on everyone to do everything correctly every time?

Gunrunner Auctions

There were, somehow, THREE felons in previous "actor" groups handling real black powder firearms. The obvious was going to happen and did happen.... In this world there is stupid and then there is felony stupid (dangerous things happen). Murphy's Law was in effect and three people were shot. The felons are now cleaned out - one jailed and now all is well. The current Wild Bunch is well vetted and correct with oversight at this time. It shall remain so.


“The gun isn’t the problem. It is the person that was loading and firing the gun that was the problem.”
The gun itself is never the problem.


Thank you Captain obvious !

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