Liz Cheney is one of the angriest Republicans, speaking her mind from a place of conscience, not party.

And isn’t that what you really want from an elected official in a crisis?

Last week, President Donald Trump threw the Kurds under the bus, giving Turkey the go-ahead to invade Syria by stepping back from U.S. commitments.

This move was met by across-the-board Congressional outrage and Pentagon shock. Some of Trump’s staunchest allies admonished him in harsh language as he sold out an ally that had sacrificed blood and lives against ISIS, the mortal enemy of this country.

One national story indicated in this nasty corner of the world Kurds had suffered about 11,000 deaths while there had been 11 American troop deaths. Is there any doubt the Kurds were doing America’s dirty work here at a high cost?

The moment the president did everything but construct a yellow brick road into Northern Syria the Turks began massing for invasion.

As bombs fell, Cheney spoke out again then.

“President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Northern Syria is having sickening and predictable consequences,” she said.

On another front, the Eubank family, annual weeklong participants in Cody Nite Rodeo and friends to many in town, help the helpless on the world’s front lines, including this hot spot, through the Free Burma Rangers.

Father David Eubank sent out an email, in part asking for prayers for Syria and adding “Please pray for us, too, as we prepare to help any who are displaced or hurt if the attack comes.” The attack came.

Cheney elaborated on her criticism of the Trump Administration and defense of the Kurds.

“Withdrawing U.S. forces from Northern Syria is a catastrophic mistake that puts our gains against ISIS at risk and threatens America’s national security,” Cheney said. “Terrorists thousands of miles away can and will launch attacks against America, as the United States learned on Sept. 11, 2001.”

When I first read a reference to a Trump Towers Istanbul last week I thought I was reading a sarcastic joke by a critic. I had no idea Trump really does have hotel and office buildings in Turkey. Indeed, in December of 2015 when running for office, Trump gave an interview to friendly Breitbart News admitting he had a conflict of interest with Turkey due to his businesses there.

Now this – he and the Ergodan regime talk on the phone and the next thing you know the Kurds are abandoned. This is troublesome, disgraceful behavior on many fronts. This demonstrates to every country, the United Stats cannot be trusted to keep its word. This represents a diminishment of American world influence.

Even worse, perhaps, than the fact of the betrayal, is the Kurds have been the region’s policemen, maintaining – to Americans benefit – prisons where the worst of ISIS terrorists have been incarcerated and their families have been neutralized. This byproduct, Cheney said, “paves the way for the resurgence of ISIS.”

Friday, fears those terrorists will be freed by Turkey’s onslaught began coming true, providing opportunity to resume their holy war against the United States.

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I was about to post a positive comment about Liz Cheney’s initial reaction to the horror unleashed in Syria BY TRUMP (I know I’m supposed to have caps off), until I read this: Liz, blaming it on the Democrats is idiotic. Just when I though she was putting country before wrong I was.

P Demoney

Wouldn't it be nice if she was equally outraged about Trump's other ugly behaviors.

Fox Blue River

And today she said Turkey is attacking Syria because Trump is getting impeached. I guess Republicans are trying to deflect the fact that Trump's most profitable hotels are in Turkey and he made the irrational decision after a phone call with Turkey's brutal dictator. She is a sycophant of Trump, possibly the most corrupt President America has ever had and I will not forget her efforts to privatize our public lands. Cheney is an enabler of Trump's abhorrent behavior ant the hypocritical, immoral behavior of the religious right; she can go back to Virginia and take Barrasso and Enzi with her, as far as I'm concerned.

Disgusted taxpayer

The current political quagmire in the White House is in desperate need of careful,people,what you ask might just get it.Next time vote for someone more ethical.

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