Since I do not read supermarket tabloids, I am usually the last to know about gossipy developments within the British Royal Family.

But this time, the breathless information that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Harry and Meghan, are “stepping back as senior royals” permeated the real-world news cycle.

Harry and Meghan (one might never know they have last names) said they want to spend more time in North America. They did not say exactly where.

Maybe, though, they should set up temporary headquarters in Cody, following the precedent set by Kanye West, provided they can find another multi-million-dollar ranch offering seclusion.

With his pioneering move to a town of 10,000 people in Wyoming, West has proven he can both stay in touch with the outside world and avoid traffic jams on the I-5.

Harry and Meghan would find it easy enough to return to the UK for royal weddings with only a few plane switches, and not even that if they brought their own private jet to Yellowstone Regional Airport.

If they showed up, more Cody businesses would begin serving tea. And soon enough Game and Fish would establish hunting seasons for fox and hounds.

Not sure if Meghan, who is from California, but has spent considerable time in Canada, is a hockey fan, but she could get a fix at Yellowstone Quake games, even if it is hardly the NHL.

This is a very big ta-doo in England, where royals watching is a varsity sport. Also within the family. Queen Elizabeth II, matriarch of the clan was unhappy enough about not being informed ahead of the frisky grandchildren’s reveal that she called for an emergency family meeting.

Oh, kids today.

Harry and Meghan (Is she a princess and a duchess, or just a duchess?) did not say they are divorcing themselves from the family. They talked of expanding their horizons beyond bowing and curtsying and making money in some endeavor other than being professional royals.

Every family has its issues. Usually, they don’t play out in front of billions of people.

Most parents would be pleased the kids in their thirties are finally moving out of the house, so to speak. However, if you are part of an historic lineage there are more strings attached.

Harry recognized this when he announced he and Meghan would continue to “honor our duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth and our patronages.” Just maybe less often, or more long distance.

Naturally, this being the age of social media, Harry and Meghan’s intentions kicked up a storm among commoners.

Among tweets I read were: “Off with their heads!” the suggestion the couple was entering the witness protection program; this affair should be called #Megxit; and “I’m an American. I really don’t care.”

That American might care if the royals move to the neighborhood. Maybe Harry and Meghan like mountains and wide open spaces and feeling free from having their every twitch reported worldwide, true or false. 

Kanye West can be a reference for the West and Cody when Harry and Meghan go shopping for Buckingham Palace II.

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