To the editor:

This virus has killed tens of thousands, infected hundreds of thousands and nearly destroyed a vibrant economy and seriously damaged the rights of 330 million people.

Since the unconstitutional lock-down was initiated our First Amendment right to practice our religious freedom has been locked down. Houses of worship closed, ministers and patrons threatened, ticketed or arrested. The right to assemble has been met with the same unconstitutional actions.

In some states the Second Amendment was attacked with the forced closure of gun shops as well as stopping the processing of concealed weapons application or renewing existing permits.

Fourth Amendment violations included stopping people in the vehicles to check and see if they had papers or proof that they had the right to be out moving and physically dragging a part off a bus for not wearing a mask.

Some states have suspended the Sixth Amendment, guarantying the right to a speedy trial and the Eighth Amendment affording the accused the opportunity to post bail.

The governor of New Jersey admitted to not considering the Bill of Rights when invoking many of these violations.

Forty-three police departments in 22 states are now utilizing drones to gather information on citizens. We have also found out that Google and Apple are working together to monitor social distancing via your mobile phone.

Understand that the powers that be will be hesitant to give up the control we have willingly conceded to them. Ask yourself how quick this lockdown can happen again and how many more rights will we fail to fight for.

Remember, “Locking down the sick is a quarantine, locking down the healthy is tyranny.”

(s) frank mallon


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Where, oh where, is common sense?

Fox Blue River

You print this, then refuse to print people's responses.


The Constitution is not necessary to affirm the right of humans to be stupid...

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