To the editor:

It is such a shame that whenever an atrocity such as a “mass” shooting occurs there is outrage and calls for actions. 

The recent shootings are indicative of acts committed by persons who are evil. Yet, there are calls to continue to regulate firearms ownership or as some would call for, the outright ban on firearms. Furthermore, the call for “red flag” laws which deny due process, property rights and firearm rights. However, there are constitutional rights addressing each of those.

Where is the outrage and call for action for the approximately 600,000 children who are killed each year in the United States under the auspices of a mother’s right to affordable healthcare. And yes, there is a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Alas, these children’s lives are snuffed out without so much as a portion of the due process given to a mass murderer.

If the same outrage and momentum was applied to atrocity of abortion approximately 600,000 lives could possibly be saved per year in the United States.

Based upon recent letters to the editor it appears the same people who would advocate for the lawful, premeditated termination of life are the same people who would call for the banning of firearms. 

In this case, I believe these people support denying people their rights on many different fronts. Is this what socialism promises? Is this what we have to look forward to?

I would say you can’t legislate evil people to prevent evil acts from occurring. Evil will always do evil. Law-abiding citizens could potentially suffer the consequences of evil doers. 

However, in the case of abortion it appears our lawmakers and unelected judges to the Supreme Court have condoned the horrific act of murder under the cloak of calling it a woman’s right to healthcare. 

What about that child in the womb who has a right to life? The child who will never enjoy the rights enshrined in our constitution?

In closing, our lawmakers should read the U.S. and Wyoming constitutions before you allow emotion to be your guide. For our judges put less credence in case law and let the constitution be the definitive guide to your decisions. 

Many men and women have died while honoring their oath to uphold and defend the U.S. constitution. You at least owe them the courtesy of reading those documents and you should honor your oath.

(s) vincent vanata


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Benjamin Wambeke

[huh][huh] What’s up with the quotation marks around the word mass in mass shootings? How many people have to get shot before it stops being a “mass” shooting and is just a mass shooting?

Gunrunner Auctions

There have always been mass killings in the America’s history – witness the many during the Indian Wars and before. Much of that was “copy cat” as well on both sides. So little has changed.

I would agree with Mr. Vanata that the acts of these mass murders of today is evil, but there’s more to that assessment. These people are also mentally ill and they may NOT perceive that their actions are evil – they are incapable of knowing this. No sane person enters these gun free zones and effects a plan whereby they try to make a larger body count each time. It is the act of the insane.

The difference is the way these mentally ill persons are treated of late rather than when I was a boy in the 1960’s. I lived in a small farm town in central Ohio and when someone in our town began making threats or were dangerous to their family or those in our town, literally men in white coats came and got them and they were remanded to lock-up at a mental institution. Sometimes we saw them again and sometimes we did not.

Now these mentally ill and violent persons are “medicated” and released. They may or may not take their medications. They may or may not respect their new boundaries.

Much of this is the result of liberal “logic”. And I say many of these liberal lawmakers exist in an “alternative reality”. History clearly shows their actions but wrong and dangerous, but they do not recognize it, yet they continue to legislate liberal dogma that results in a “catch and release” type of “punishement”.

To illustrate this point, let’s take “gun control” – a concept that simply does not exist – but liberals bring it forth as the “solution”. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are 450 million firearms in our 50 states. Last year 25 million NEW firearms were sold. That does not count the many used firearms or parts to make firearms that were sold.

So to suggest that more “gun control” laws would somehow stop a mentally ill person from committing mass murder is quite frankly anti-intellectual given that even if one of these walking psychos is “disarmed” through some sort of court order, they could readily arm within minutes. There’s no such thing as “gun control” and never will be.

To follow liberal “logic” and pass more “gun control” laws is futile. If gun control laws actually worked then wouldn’t Chicago be murder free? Would there not be any mass killings in CA? The opposite is true. Even though military-style weapons and large capacity magazines are banned, ammunition recorded and registered, there are STILL huge amounts of murders done in these two examples.

So what is the solution to stopping mass murders? The solution is one that Israel solved some decades ago when confronted with Palestinians who came into their country and committed bombings and shooting of their women and children: Israel armed their schools to protect their children, their citizens carried firearms to markets and work and their military members were allowed to bring their military weapons home. Problem solved.

While liberals refuse to believe this in their alternate reality, here is actually how mass shootings can be cured given this absolute: To defeat extreme force GREATER extreme force must be applied.

As the Israelis discovered, when shooting starts, they shoot down that perpetrator with GREATER FORCE and extinguish the threat. If the perpetrator survives long enough for a swift trial, he is put to an immediate death along with conspirators. That is highly publicized.

Presently in the US, we do darn near the opposite and wonder why “nothing is being done”. When there is a mass murder in a gun-free zone, the citizens are powerless to fight back as they have entered that area WITHOUT PROTECTION. After the mass murder, the media flocks to the scene and within minutes start speculating about the murderer’s intentions, his biography, where he got the firearms or explosives, etc.

Actually the opposite should have happened (think Israel here): First, the perp should have met IMMEDIATE resistance in the form of armed citizens firing upon him and therefore directing the emphasis off the unarmed and fleeing citizens. If the perp is not shot down immediately and survives, then the media should NOT name him. Rather, a speedy trial must be undertaken and he be put to death in the shortest time possible. That creates a deterrent.

“Gun free zones” must be eliminated. Citizens must arm. I could never imagine not strapping on my gun(s) every morning. When I travel I have rifles. This is how we must live now. There is no other way. I sometimes drive 150 miles in Wyoming without seeing a law enforcement officer. I spend as little time as possible in big cities and I’m darn sure armed there.

Mr. Vanata is correct about following the U.S. Constitution. When our elected officials from school board members to senators to presidents are sworn in to their offices, they swear they will uphold the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. So why do liberals in their alternate reality keep trying to degrade our precious Second Amendment?

Our Founding Fathers were very precise in their language and in the Second Amendment they wrote “…. shall not be infringed…” That’s very clear to this English major….

In 1791 when the Second Amendment was ratified, there did exist “assault weapons” (a liberal term) – hand cannons, heavily loaded flintlock shotguns with 500 projectiles per barrel that would kill everyone in a large room. Additionally there existed mass quantities of blasting powder that could level several city blocks and huge cannons that could knock houses down easily. So the same capabilities to kill masses of people with existing firearms in that age were present.

I am surprised Mr. Vanata does not know this as a former law enforcement officer: “Red Flag” firearm confiscations are presently being employed. If an LE officer suspects a person is a danger to themselves or others, they sure can disarm them and take any firearms in their possession or their home. During a domestic disturbance, if the woman (or man) does not feel safe, an LE officer can take the firearms from the home. If a person gets arrested for drugs, the firearms are confiscated from the home and taken to the police station.

I surely know this as it is a big part of my firearms auction business – I get weekly calls from attorneys who have these confiscated guns in their offices and the owner has decided to sell them because they are no longer able to possess them due to their new court assigned status.

Liberals often say anti-American phrases like “no one needs an ‘assault weapon’” (I use that term loosely and mirror their incorrectness) or “no one needs more than four guns” or whatever. Again: they are functioning in an alternate reality where this does not make sense to them when we know these semi-auto rifles are the same guns liberals call police to come save them with and firearms we use every day for hunting or on our ranches. We good citizens realize that WE want to save ourselves with these types of firearms!

Liberals also like to take about “rounding all these ‘assault weapons’”. Ha! There are estimated to be 15-20 million of these in the USA today and millions being made each year. Too late…. Firearms like this will be with us until the end of the human race. No good American citizen will “give up” these types of firearms. Period.

Mr. Vanata also brings up abortion, so I will address my take on this as well. Mr. Vanata appears astounded that one million viable fetuses are aborted each year in the United States of America, but that is easily “explained away” by liberals who believe in an alternate reality. Their believed “truths” are false and they exist in blatant hypocrisy. They have large families but believe in abortion. They drive big vehicles, jump on jets and heat their homes and offices with fossil fuel, but believe in climate change or whatever it is this week. Because good Americans live in a correct reality, we simply cannot understand their “world” of this alternate reality. This is why there is such a split today across the aisle….

Scott Steward

Te Constitution is what I meant, not 2nd Amendment.

Scott Steward

While I support your stance on the Second Amendment, your rant was 90% anti-abortion and very little about 2nd amendment. Next time choose a better title.

P Demoney

Yes, READ the Constitution! What does the Constitution say about abortion?

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