To the editor:

We are protesting a virus now? 

If you really wanted to help local families or businesses that are struggling financially during this awful time, you would connect and network online by making donations and bringing awareness to the people in need by sharing their GoFundMe or Paypal, etc., rather than meeting up in groups and risking overwhelming our small local health care.

Saying “there’s no pandemic in Wyoming” is absurd. First of all, a pandemic is global. Second of all, we currently don’t have enough data to determine how bad the virus has spread in our state. We’ve only tested about 1.3% of the population – meaning that’s not enough info to make a crucial, health-care-based decision. And remember back when there was “no pandemic” in New York as well? Yeah. Turns out it spreads if no action is taken in time.

We’ve seen what could happen, and we are so blessed to have a smaller more widespread population. But ultimately, that just means a slower epidemic for us, not a nonexistent one.

If you aren’t seeing the virus itself hit your life, that’s great. It means social distancing has been working. Keep it up for as long as the people with the facts recommend. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting other people and if we get too cocky and ignore these recommendations, there’s potential to face a worse case scenario than originally projected for Wyoming.

Just please do not attend these protest gatherings and reopen rallies. We all want to get back to normalcy. But unfortunately for right now that’s just not the case. Thanks to social media, we can help each other out from a distance, and if you still feel like protesting, the governor has an email. But do not risk people’s health.

(s) erika gill


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Fox Blue River

I don't think people were protesting the virus. I think they have a legitimate concern that they will not be able to pay rent or bills.

I can't blame them when our capitalist government dumps millions in to random big businesses that it likes but does almost nothing to help hourly workers pay rent.

This is just another tragedy in the long line of people hurt because we didn't want socialism or government handouts. At least that's what the businesses that regularly get subsidies want you to think.

By the way, how long did it take Trump and our conservative government to respond to Wall Street and give them "two trillion in liquidity?" They sure seem to get in a hurry when the bankers need a handout. I wonder if we will see banks buying new jets like they did after the 2008 bailout.

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