Anyone in need of a little good news? 

Who isn’t after the revelations of the past few weeks? Not only have we had to endure the constant devolving of our national political structures, but things within our state and local boundaries have seen situations that push the envelope. 

Tourists who leave their brains at home while on vacation fall into thermal water in Yellowstone; a former scout leader was arrested for child pornography, stabbings, robberies, vehicle accidents abound. Sometimes one needs to shake off the bleaker side of human behavior and celebrate the brighter side. 

We need to remind ourselves that sometimes people can surprise and endear us to celebrate the parts of us that are redeeming.  o that end, please enjoy some of these real instances of behaviors we should strive to emulate.

A little boy in Tennessee was bullied mercilessly for making a homemade T-shirt celebrating the University of Tennessee. Fortunately, kinder spirits prevailed and the university utilized his artwork for some of their memorabilia. Further, the university has offered the youngster admission and a scholarship when the time comes. At a time when admissions are being purchased by millionaires, kudos to Vol Nation for recognizing a teaching moment and putting that moment to good use.

Who hasn’t seen the video of the two 2-year olds in New York City racing toward each other with arms raised to give each other a hug?  If you haven’t, it’s worth a Google search. These youngsters hadn’t seen each other in a few days and their unbridled happiness at seeing each other is truly a picture worth a thousand words. The children are of different races. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t need this reminder about what it would like if we could all greet each other with such openness and joy? 

A young woman in Missouri has turned her grief toward acts of kindness.  She lost her father to suicide when she was a teenager. She rented a billboard for a month and placed an affirmation message to let people know they are enough. 

She leaves affirmations in public spaces, hands them out to teachers and mails them to people around the world. 

The owner of the billboard was overwhelmed by the positive response and has agreed to keep the billboard up for free for a while longer. No one knows what puts someone over the edge of despair. No one knows what another is enduring. If this young woman’s kindness in the face of grief stopped one person from taking their life, it is enough.

There is one state, Delaware, which is the first no-kill state for animal shelters in the country. Much remains to be done for our pet population, but this is something to be celebrated. Anyone who has ever loved a pet, or been loved by a pet, can appreciate what this means. Too many pets still are left homeless, abused and discarded.  But, there are bright spots if we look for them.

There is much that sours us on each other and the world. But, at the end of the day, all we have is each other.  We might want to remember that a little more often.

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Disgusted taxpayer

While this letter has a lot of is hard to soar with eagles when we have to run with the mess in Washington DC.


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