To the editor:

I am writing today to acknowledge a couple whose selfless giving is something that we should all strive to emulate. 

We have lived in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for almost a decade and have been fortunate enough to have many wonderful neighbors, but none quite like two Americans from Cody, Pat and Ben Chapman. They have shown themselves to be selfless and giving in many different ways.

Our area experienced catastrophic flooding in 2013 which crippled much of the region. The Chapmans donated their vacation home to those displaced during this emergency. The accommodation was offered unconditionally,  for as long as needed, to anyone whose home was damaged. A family was saved from an unknown future for over five months by this generous act.

When the Chapmans arrive for their annual vacation, it includes donating time and resources to a variety of local events and charities. The lives of all who have been touched are too numerous to list, but needless to say very extensive.

Today I wanted to share my family’s current situation. We had planned a year long “bucket list” trip through South America. Our trip had us in Ecuador when the pandemic exploded. Our original plan had us returning to our new home in the summer of 2020 but the desperate conditions globally forced a quick return to Canada. 

The issue for us was that our early return meant our new accommodations would not be ready. The Chapmans did not hesitate to offer their home to us for as long as needed. 

The generosity shown by Chapmans is a trait the world needs more than ever in times like these. If we could all donate whatever resources we can, more people will get through this pandemic. 

We will be paying it forward by donating to two different local charities that have a special place in the Chapmans’ hearts. For those who have time and or resources to donate, we ask that you please do so, as it makes such a difference for the whole of society.

(s) james & andrea


Alberta, Canada

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