To the editor:

Lew Freedman referred in a recent Enterprise to Scott Weber’s billboard featuring the words “Welcome to Wyoming. Here we hunt, trap, shoot and wear fur.” He also mentioned a nearby billboard paid for by a group with different views but whose director is quoted as saying the group is not against all hunting. 

He then reports an inflamed Weber’s response to the second billboard: “We’ve got to keep the pressure on those anti-hunters. I think it’s an insult for those bunny lovers (to invade Cody). Go back and eat your tofu. This is real Wyoming.”

What gives Weber the authority to decree what is “real Wyoming” and what isn’t? Maybe he should go back to Ohio. I’m not really sure what people eat there, but I’m confident he’d find tofu readily available.

I’m not a Wyoming native. I’m another of those transplants that one of your regular columnists (himself a transplant, go figure) loves to rail against. I’ve had family in Cody since the ’50s, I’ve been here for 40 years myself, but I would never presume to speak for Wyoming.

The Cody of 50 years ago was a friendly, tolerant town where people respected other views. Our area now seems to be filling up with mean-spirited newcomers who have all the answers. 

By all means, let’s hear their opinions, but I’m not prepared to have them dictate “Wyoming values” or listen to them preach “the Cowboy Way,” or any of their other hysterical delusions.

(s) John Potter


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Gunrunner Auctions

Yep, Cody is "real Wyoming" compared to the liberal mess up in Jackson. I used to live there, but don't recognize it much any more now that the billionaires have pushed out the millionaires and the county went for Hillary some years back.. No matter, I have plenty of friends there and sell lots of firearms to Jackson residents. I still love going up there and staying at the Wort and partying up the Cowboy, but do it less than I used to due to their liberal politics. It's costing them.... One can't hardly swing a dead cat around and let go of it and not strike a liberal smack in the face up there. Not so in Cody... Not so in Cody.... Why? It's a REAL Wyoming town.

I find it hugely amusing (and totally wasteful) that Jackson anti-hunters/anti-gunners would put up billboards in Cody (the term "inflamed" is Lew Freedman's term and not mine as I was laughing when I gave him the interview some weeks ago). The vast majority of Wyomingites DO hunt, fish, trap and shoot (and wear fur - I got it on RIGHT NOW). You can bet the farm on that one. Put that mantra in the bank and it will earn interest for ya.

The very thought that the Jackson billboards dudes would some how influence a good Wyomingite to stop hunting is laughable and very entertaining. We sit around my gun shop and slap knees in laughter on a regular basis over the liberal stuff coming out of Jackson. This letter is great grist for our mills!

I have had emails and phone calls and FaceBook comments from people all over Wyoming and other western states (and some back East too) congratulating me about the latest bill board (this is actually the THIRD billboard I have put up - there will be more). But very few from Jackson Holefornia.

Hunters and trappers from other states have often asked me how they too can have such a billboard. I always say: "All you need is a photo, a little copy and $10,000 and you too can have a great billboard that will inflame the liberals."

Mr. Potter knows little of me and it shows. I am not a "newcomer" - I first came to Wyoming in 1974 when I was a boy of 17 to attend the University of Wyoming and stayed and taught high school at Cody and Casper Natrona High School. I came of age in Wyoming and it was delightful. Mr. Potter can rest assured that I indeed did "hunt, shoot, trap and wear fur" throughout my years in Wyoming and still do.

Mr. Potter can also be assured that he has highly motivated me to spend another $10,000 a year on another billboard (it will display early in 2020). So if that ruins his day, then he must be an anti-hunter. That's his cross to bear....

Until there is not breath in my lungs, I will continue to oppose those who do not want traditional uses of our great national lands. If that ruins their day, then mission accomplished.

Mr. Potter is in the vast minority. Hunters will be us until the end of man.

Disgusted taxpayer

"The Cody of 50 years ago was a friendly, tolerant town where people respected other views."'s been downhill ever since.

P Demoney

A fool and his thoughts are often shared. Hence, the billboards.

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