To the editor:

Winter is about gone, the rains are starting to subside (we hope), but the Cody winds will be here forever. 

Now is the time for everyone to get rid of those dirty and windblown flags that are on our flagpoles. Some are faded, some are worn so bad there’s nothing left but the field of stars and lots are just grimy. 

The tourists are coming to town and what they like to see are the bright 3x5 nylon flags flying proudly at most businesses in downtown Cody everyday. Not many communities fly as many flags as Cody does all year long. Many other businesses like the larger polyester flags because they last longer in our winds. Let’s keep Cody patriotic and proud with some new flags.

The VFW at 808 12th Street will accept all old flags and will dispose of them properly.

(s) Jim Pederson


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