To the editor:

With all due respect, I find the argument that moving the senior class party was an undeniable mistake to be incredibly specious and narrow-minded. 

It is true that the original intent of hosting the party after graduation was to avoid said “keggers,” but what’s to stop teenagers from partying on the last day of school? 

This, in fact, might even be more attractive, seeing as the last day of the school year is scheduled to be on a Thursday surrounded by peers, and graduation a Sunday surrounded by family members. 

This being said, there are plenty of valid reasons for changing the date. 

Referring to the aforementioned argument of families being present for the occasion, it is understood that this has been the case for many years. However, are students more inclined to drink in the absence of family members to their final day of high school or on a Sunday night with family in town? 

This is not to suggest that they are planning to or will, it is merely an attempt at making a point. 

Another valuable reason is so that students who wish to attend the University of Wyoming Honors College Orientation can do so in a timely manner with an appropriate amount of rest. It would be a different story if only a select few were planning to, but a considerable amount of graduates choose to attend college in-state due to the more favorable price tag. 

It is true that there are several other sessions set aside for orientation; however, June 1-2 is the only date dedicated to honors-only students, an admirable title due in part to the ability to have first pick at classes. This would not be the case if students were to go at a later date thanks to the tricky scheduling of the senior class party. 

Not only this, but hotel rooms are becoming increasingly more difficult to book in Laramie because other incoming freshmen and their families are attempting to do the same, and I find it unnecessary for parents to have to cancel and rebook rooms to adjust accordingly to the party. 

The senior class party is tradition with or without the responsibility of herding graduates into a safe environment, and I cannot imagine that it will “fizzle” so long as the community continues to be supportive of the senior class and its hard work and accomplishments. 

Quite frankly, I think that if teenagers are set on drinking, they are bound to do so regardless of whether it’s after graduation or another time. While I do not support it, it is simply the truth. As for the community’s support, seniors are and will continue to be grateful. 

We sincerely hope that a mere change in the date of the party will not sway community members’ decisions to support the youth and their dedication to education. 

The “tentative date” for the party, which is currently set for May 28, was suggested by senior class president Steven Connor, a representative of the student voice. 

As a matter of fact, it is too late for committee members to “change their minds and change the date” because of nonrefundable expenses that have already been paid, but I do not find the presented argument strong or logical enough to accomplish this anyhow.

(s) baylee stafford

CHS senior

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Well said young lady, you give us hope for our future.



I will drink to that!

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