To the editor:

It is a very sad day in America when innocent people die. The press and Harriot Bloom-Wilson in her recent letter like to puff up and call people names. 

The reality is that gun control does not stop these terrible acts. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington D.C. Strict gun controls don’t stop the killings that happen there almost every day.

I find it interesting that one of the founders of Wyoming Rising who calls us a Democracy, not the Republic that we are calls Mitch McConnell amoral and the GOP spineless. 

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are models of morality and the Democrats are wonderful? Wow.

Conner Betts, 24, was an avid leftist, Elizabeth Warren supporter and Trump hater. That does not make his crime any less terrible. The mental health system in the U.S. is lacking in many ways and needs to be improved. All kinds of people commit murder, legal and illegal immigrants, Muslims and home-grown terrorists.

Harriot talks about things like dignity, respect, integrity, compassion, empathy and generosity. Great values, where are they taught? Not in the press that hates Trump and not in schools. These values should be taught at home or in the churches and schools. Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values and common law.

I find it interesting how many times she talks about children. How can she talk about the sanctity of the male-female relationships and support LGBTQ agendas? 

Maybe her solution is to abort all children to protect them from further harm. Pro-Life means from conception to natural death.

It appears that her grandparents came to the U.S. legally and didn’t sneak in. Good for them. We need to look back in history and see what happened when societies fell into depravity. Sodom, Gomorrah and Rome are good examples.

So how can we fix these problems? Enforce our current laws. Improve the education system by getting the federal government out of the schools. Local people should decide how the children should be educated. 

Home schooling, Christian schools and private schools should be encouraged. Help parents do a better job of raising their children. 

We can encourage young parents that we know through relationships with encouragement and parenting classes. We need to tell our people through truthful media and other forms of information why the capitalist system is the best system for creating wealth and freedom, not socialism. 

Do schools have classes on different forms of economic and political forms of government? Our churches need to do a better job of teaching-people to know the truth and how to be good Christians. The drug addition problems also need to be addressed.

Our problems are huge but attainable if we start with our neighbors, community and county.

(s) Larry French


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Disgusted taxpayer

"Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are models of morality and the Democrats are wonderful? Wow." This statement is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black.

Disgusted taxpayer

This letter is akin to the pot calling the kettle black...right wing talk shows work wonders on less than bright folks.

Gunrunner Auctions

Mr. French I would not give any mention of this Wyoming Rising as they have less than five (5) ultra left-wing "members" who have never won an issue nor helped elect a liberal candidate here in Wyoming in their lives.

You are correct that "gun control" does not work. If "gun control" really worked then there would not be any murders in the murder capital of the world - Chicago. They not only ban semi-auto rifles, but handguns, concealed carry and also do not allow gun stores anywhere near the city limits.

We already have an intense firearms purchase background check called NICS. I know because I use this and the FBI data base every day to check the background of firearm buyers in Cody.

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