To the editor:

In regards to the letter from Sami Kopelman of Vancouver, Wash., I am very disappointed in such a derogatory attitude towards our new neighbors, the Wests.

I did not realize that Wyoming’s beauty and opportunities are exclusive to only tourists who contribute economically only once in a while. No city, county or state is so flush in funds that they can discourage economic growth, employment and entrepreneurship to the community. This is not feasible, good business or smart.

Kanye West and his family are welcome here as is anyone, whether they choose to live here permanently or sporadically. Their contribution to the economy, employment and tax base cannot be ignored. To deny them their God-Given Right as an American to live and work where they choose makes me question the motives of the person from Washington.

Are they racist? Are they anti-Christian? Are they anti-Trump or are they anti-economic growth for Wyoming?

The Wests have the right to live here as you have the right to visit Wyoming or not. But you do not have the right to say who can move here anymore than I have the right to say who can move to your town.

(s) debbie urick


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old rancher


Disgusted taxpayer


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