In a decision dripping with sarcasm, Wyoming’s Game and Fish commission two weeks ago endorsed giving away grizzly bears if requested.

The proposal by the Game and Fish would allow for Wyoming to assist other entities if they wish to reestablish the grizzly in its historic ranges.

In other words, since a federal judge will not allow Wyoming to manage its own grizzly bear population through hunting, the state will give a grizzly bear to anybody who wants one.

So on the outside chance another state or another country or a Native American tribe wants a grizzly, Wyoming will gladly help you get one.

The only real drawback to the idea is Wyoming lacks the authority to manage grizzlies through hunting or gifting in the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Following decades of research and management to rebuild the grizzly population, the grizzly had successfully recovered to the point it was delisted from Endangered Species Act protection in 2017.

Then in 2018, a federal judge returned the management to U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Last month’s decision by Wyoming’s Game and Fish was a way to say Wyoming’s grizzly bear population has recovered to the point it needs control.

Hence the decision.

In its new regulation, the commission admits it does not have the power to do so by itself stating: “Any translocation of a grizzly bear outside of Wyoming while under Endangered Species Act protections must be approved and facilitated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.”

While the recent decision by the Game and Fish was superfluous, it does remind everyone including the feds that the grizzly bear has recovered and the management needs to be returned to the individual states. 

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Simple solution , quit relocating any bear within the state, give court option to give it away or bury it. Then do it.


I agree that " surplus" grizzlies should be translocated to other areas of suitable griz habitat in the Lower 48 states, of which there are millions of acres. It's beyond stupid to keep X number of grizz bottled up inside ana rtifical zoo zone in Wyoming. I've been saying for about 20 eyars now that we need to startgr elocating bears away from Wyoming. If Wyo G&F and the Governor and the hook and bullet clubs and egoistic trophy hunters would pull their heads out of their.... Stetsons... and do this one thing, the grizzly siruation would have been resolved years ago to nearly everyone's satisfaction. That it has not statesin 50 foot tall red letters on a brick wall we have a paramount people problem: terminal ossification of the cranial passages. We continue to overlook the obvious when it comes to bears. They are here, they need to be over there, too.

In closing, the very LAST people you want managing North America's premier apex carnivore is a State agency . QED.

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