To the editor:

As a Cody native of 70 years, I am proud of my Wyoming heritage. 

I love the mountainous beauty but also our Western ethics. We take care of our own, help our neighbors, and use good horse sense when problems arise. If things stayed the same all the time problems would be few. But they don’t. 

Change is to be expected. When each one of us came, things changed for those around us, whether native or newcomer. Wyoming tradition was to scoot over, make room for the newcomer; whether native, transplant, individual or businesses. Live and let live. Now I hear of people complaining that the newcomer is changing the neighborhood and causing too much traffic. As if they didn’t cause the same for someone else when they came. 

It’s the old cry, “There ought to be a law!” This, while we complain about too many regulations.

A recent case in point, the controversy over short-term rentals. We vote in a lodging tax to promote visitors. Result? More tourists and newcomers moving in. “Oh, no; they are changing our community!” Thirty years ago there would not have been a short-term rental controversy. The internet changed the way we can make accommodations. 

Short-term rentals won’t be the last thing to change in these internet times. I wish we could return to traditional Wyoming values. I wish transplants would adopt our traditional Wyoming values; older imports and natives included. Fewer regulations, more common sense. Less complaining, more tolerance. 

To quote a wise man of old, it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine (Solomon). There are already enough laws to take care of big problems. It’s the little things that raise the cry for regulation. Regulations, once made, are hard to get rid of. Oh, for the wisdom of Solomon.

(s) rommie claudson


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