To the editor:

From a sportsman and wildlife conservation outlook, wolf and bear hunting evokes white-hot responses from both sides. 

Advocates and Native American tribes are trying to restore a protected status to grizzly bears. Some groups say over-population is the reason why some of these large, strong mammals are expanding their territory, while others say they are following the food due to habitat loss. Wildlife conservation groups are learning more about the complex behavior of these amazing omnivores who have so much to teach us. Sadly, a single bullet can destroy an entire family.

The WBF (Western Bear Foundation) gave a presentation in Rock Springs recently  From their name I thought they were a bear advocacy group but their film was about bear baiting techniques, a contentious issue that many conservationists believe is unsporting.

An excellent chronicle of this WBF meeting was written by local environmentalist Tom Gagnon and published in the May 8 issue of the Rock Springs Rocket Miner, as well as the Powell Tribune and elsewhere.

Educating the public to both sides of this issue is not only saving endangered species but also ourselves.

(s) Carolyn Malson

Rock Springs

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